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     I will be targeting all of these available species throughout the year: Chinook (spring, summer, fall), Coho (summer, fall), Bottom Fish – Ling Cod and Sea Bass (spring, summer, fall), Halibut (spring, summer), Albacore Tuna (summer) and Crab (spring, summer, fall). This is what I anticipate that my schedule will be for 2017:

Looking forward to these tasty fish species for 2017,
here is what my schedule looks like:

March & April:

Spring Chinook in the Portland area
on both the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.


Spring Chinook in both the Portland and Tillamook Bay areas, Bottom Fish and Halibut out of both Newport and Tillamook Bay. Crab out of ocean ports.


Halibut, Bottom Fish, Crab and limited
Spring Chinook out of Tillamook Bay.


Near shore Halibut, Bottom Fish, Crab, Tuna, summer Chinook and Coho out of Tillamook Bay until around July 10. Then Crab, summer Chinook and Coho out of Winchester Bay (near Reedsport and out of the Umpqua River).


 Crab, Halibut (Newport), summer Chinook and Coho out of Winchester Bay.


Crab, summer Chinook and Coho out of Winchester Bay until around September 10. Then Crab, summer/fall Chinook and Coho and limited Bottom Fish out of Tillamook Bay.

October & November:

Crab and fall Chinook/Coho out of
Tillamook Bay and the Nehalem River.

Guide Dave Steele above
with a couple of nice
Spring Chinook that were
caught in Portland, Oregon.

      The 2017 Halibut season is in the process of being finalized however our area did receive a 16% increase in quota for this year. I’m prepared to book the dates being recommended for the Oregon seasons. The near shore (inside of 240’ of water) will begin June 1 and be open 7 days a week until the quota has been caught, likely lasting until sometime in August or September. The spring all-depth season will be five series of 3 day openers, all on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Those dates will be:
• May 11, 12 & 13 out of Yaquina Bay (Newport, Or.)
• May 18, 19 & 20 out of Tillamook Bay (Garibaldi, Or.)
• June 1, 2 & 3 out of Tillamook Bay (Garibaldi, Or.)
• June 8, 9 & 10 out of Yaquina Bay (Newport, Or.)
• June 15, 16 & 17 out of Tillamook Bay (backup departure location out of Yaquina Bay)
     The one summer all-depth opener that I am willing to target will be Friday & Saturday, August 4 & 5 out of Yaquina Bay (Newport, Or.).

     The ocean Coho season will be based upon a quota and likely will start around June 24, lasting until early August. There will be a non-selective season (able to catch either native or hatchery Coho) starting in early September that will last until whatever quota has been set, has been caught or the end of September, whichever comes first. Likely, this won't last more than 2 weeks since this quota area is from Cape Falcon (Manzanita area) to the California border. Naturally, while fishing for Coho, I will also be targeting Chinook while out of Tillamook Bay or Winchester Bay.

     From mid-July through mid-October, that time generally books up early. That doesn’t mean there won’t be short notice openings available. It just means that the sooner you book, the more likely it will be that your requested dates will be available.

     In 2016, my 28’ North River Seahawk hardtop boat caught more than a thousand salmon, halibut, bottom fish and tuna. Add to that many trips when customers took limits of Dungeness Crab. Nearly every Halibut trip resulted in all people on board limiting out and to top that off, my customers were able to use electric reels!

HUGE Chinook at Winchester Bay

On August 28, 2016, Chris Laue caught this 42 pound
Chinook (photos below) at Winchester Bay
Unfortunately, he wasn't in the "Big Fish" pot for the 40 pound or greater Chinook, worth more than $3500.00, but he did go home with a great experience of a lifetime and a fantastic amount of Salmon filets.



Everyone who adds crabbing to their fishing trip always tells that they are really glad they did.
Don't miss out on the best and freshest tasting crab you'll ever experience in your life! Visit Our Crabbing Page

I provide the entire fishing gear. For you, the thrill of “the catch”, seafood that is sought after around
the WORLD and an everlasting memory. They say “any day fishing is better than any day working.”

Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook Salmon
Frank Rodriguez caught this (photo above)
 fantastic 43 pounder in Tillamook Bay.


     I want to make your day a great day! The cost of this fun filled day trip is only:

  • $225 per person (Salmon)
  • $1125, “Book the Boat” for up to 5 people for Salmon.  I won’t add a sixth person however you can always add another person for an additional $225.
  • $250 per person (Halibut or Bottom Fish)
  • $1250, “Book the Boat” for up to 5 people for Halibut or Bottom fishing.  I won’t add a sixth person however you can always add another person for an additional $250.
  • $1800 for up to 5 people (Albacore Tuna).  Sorry, no individual pricing.
  • Spring Chinook, March thru June;
  • Halibut May thru August
  • Bottom Fish April thru September
  • Tuna July thru September
  • Coho July thru September
  • Summer/Fall Chinook July thru December

Call me today before your desired dates are taken up!!! Let’s make your day a great day!!!


Barry from Jerome, ID caught this huge 31 lb Ling Cod off the coast of Oregon in May after having limited out on Halibut the day before!






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