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Spring Fishing Season


I begin in March thru May by fishing the Willamette River and the Columbia River in the Portland to Oregon City area. The spring Chinook are known to be some of the best tasting salmon caught. They generally range in the 10 - 20 lb area however do reach the 30 lb area (record Springer, 55 1/2 lbs, 1983).
In May and June, in addition to the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, I fish the Tillamook area for spring Chinook. Talk about wild fish! They have an unbelievable ability to fight! For fish that range in the 20 lb area, the fight they put up would make you believe that you have a 40+ lb Chinook on. Additionally, you can often get in some crab catching time in-between the trolling periods.

Did anyone say Ling Cod and Sea Bass? Starting in April and lasting into September, the bottom fishing can be off the charts good. There are times when so many fish species are abundant. Iíve had many days with four people on board and we caught in the neighborhood of a hundred fish before we had settled on our limit. Generally, lots of action!



The state usually opens Halibut season around May 1st and that's when I can find the Halibut out of Newport or Tillamook Bay. Very seldom do I fish this area without limiting the boat. The spring halibut season lasts as long as the state catch allocation allows, often going late into June, with the summer season starting August 1st.

The Albacore Tuna fishing generally starts in July and continues into September. I start out of Newport or Depoe Bay and continue at Tillamook. For 20-30 lb fish, when they hit, thereís no doubt! They hit like a freight train and fight all the way. This is a fishery youíll never forget!


Summer & Fall Fishing Seasons


Starting in July, I fish the Tillamook/Nehalem area, Astoria in the buoy 10 area or Winchester Bay (Reedsport area), which has nice summer/fall Chinook and Coho runs. Coho fishing can be phenomenal! Iíve had many days catching 20+ Coho and Chinook salmon.
August begins the lunker runs, with common Chinook catches in the 20-30 lb range! Additionally, the state generally opens up the summer halibut season which often continues into late September. Those can complete amazing fish catches. Once again, those catches can just add to the thrill.

Fall: In September lasting into December, I concentrate my time in Tillamook Bay and that immediate area of the Pacific Ocean (generally staying within a mile or two). What an absolutely amazing time this can be! The fish size average in the mid 20 lb range with fish weighing into the 40ís. area not being unusual.

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